Tips for Properly Designing Your Kitchen

Bien aménager sa cuisine, ça commence avec Tendances Concept Montréal!

In this article, you will discover several tips that will be useful in designing the layout of your kitchen. The goal is to guide you in making choices during the conceptualization of your kitchen.


Bien aménager sa cuisine, ça commence avec Tendances Concept Montréal!


Designing a Kitchen That Meets Your Needs and Desires


Here are different factors to consider:


Bien aménager sa cuisine, ça commence avec Tendances Concept Montréal!

Drawer Heights and Storage

It is important to think about the items that will occupy the storage spaces. Make sure they can fit into the available spaces inside the cabinets. Measure all the items you want to store meticulously. This will give you a better idea of the required heights for the storage furniture. Take this opportunity to rethink the overall organization of your kitchen and improve its configuration.


Door Opening Direction

The direction in which cabinet doors open is essential for the ergonomics of your kitchen. To determine the door opening direction, consider the height of the cabinets, the user’s position, the frequency of use, and the kitchen layout. You can even further your thinking and consider different types of openings: regular hinges, drawers, pull-outs, lift-up mechanisms, etc. In general, cabinet doors should open in a direction that allows easy and convenient access to the items inside the cabinet while avoiding obstacles.


Bien aménager sa cuisine, ça commence avec Tendances Concept Montréal!

Sink Type

We know that many questions arise when it comes to choosing your faucet. One or two bowls? Which model and finish are best suited? Undermount or apron? In short, several choices are available to you. Focus on the quality and durability of the faucet. Choose simplicity above all and don’t forget to consider maintenance, an essential factor.


Trash/Recycling and Composting Center

To make your life easier, consider adding a trash/recycling and composting center. You’ll be delighted! Choose the type of system based on its capacity in terms of volume (liters).


Bien aménager sa cuisine, ça commence avec Tendances Concept Montréal!


Although you may wonder about the functional aspect, the material, color, thickness, and overhang of the countertops influence the style and completely change the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. Countertops are often considered the focal point of the kitchen. They often connect all the chosen materials with color accents. This is what makes everything harmonious. We are aware of the numerous possibilities for countertop surfaces. Initially, inquire about the specificities of each one to find what best suits your needs, but the trick is to follow your heart and find something you love!



The choice of appliances is a crucial step in your kitchen project. To choose them well, evaluate your needs, do research, consider the size, evaluate the features, and assess the costs. Read customer reviews and ratings to get an idea of the quality and reliability of the products. Ensure that the chosen appliances fit the available space in your kitchen as well as your budget. If possible, consider integrating smart appliances into the design to make them even more convenient. By considering all these particularly technical elements, you will have the necessary information to start your kitchen design project.

If you are unsure about your choices or where to start, don’t hesitate to seek help from our team of professionals. We would be happy to assist you in the design and realization of your project.

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