Lacquer on MDF

Lacquer on mdf, by Tendances Concept Montréal.

Lacquer cabinets on MDF are available in matte, glossy and Italian-style finishes. These are models that resemble wooden doors while being environmentally friendly because their manufacture does not result in direct slaughter of trees. Medium density fiberboard, MDF, English medium density fiberboard, is made from wood shavings supplemented with synthetic resin. Wood fibers used in the manufacture of MDF are usually derived from pruning timber and wood machining wastes, which allows optimal use of the trees. This material is very insensitive to climatic variations and is homogeneous in all three dimensions. It is also a more economical choice than wood. Tendances Concept Montréal offers the development of colors according to the palette you desire (e.g.: Benjamin Moore color palette).


  • Environmentally friendly since it does not cause direct slaughter of trees
  • Model that resembles wooden doors
    Wide choice of color and finishes (matte or glossy)
  • Very insensitive to climate change
  • Homogeneous in all three dimensions, no defect
  • More economical than wood
  • Curve less than wood


  • Available in opaque color only, no wood grain
  • Tolerates hard knocks and shocks (easily marks)
  • Difficult to retouch in case of scratches

Nu green MDF cabinets (green product)

No formaldehyde-based resin is used in the manufacturing process. Its level of formaldehyde emission is as low as that of a tree found in its natural environment. Always with the same advantages as the regular MDF and the product does not contain an emanation.


  • Same advantages as regular MDF
  • Without emanation
  • Without urea formaldehyde added
  • Can help achieve LEED points


  • Same disadvantages as regular MDF

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